Project “Part of Rotterdam”

The ungoing project now involves 150 painting. Each painting from the series represent a piece of the city; its harbours, building sites and other dynamic places which hold meaning for me. This document of the city of Rotterdam (2009-2012) captures not only an era, but also reveals my personal journey as an artist.

After a period of working on several national and international exhibitions in which I mainly showed large scaled paintings, I decided to work on a much smaller and more intimate painting project. My immediate environment, the marvellous city of Rotterdam, has provided the inspiration. During this project I have learned a lot about painting and what it means to me.

As an artist I was able to react directly to my surroundings. Sometimes I would produce paintings in a fast pace, at other times I would spend weeks on a single painting, working out every detail. I’ve enjoyed making these paintings.

A viewer can easily track the project’s developement. The paintings are numbered by order of completion.